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We're now into Feb 2018, join Mark 11 Audio in Stockholm, Sweden April 28th thru May 1st and then in Berlin, Germany for Superbooth 2018 May 3rd - 5th !!!

The Gear



Moon Modular Test - "Halloween Theme"

A quick test of the Moon Modular system demonstrating three octaves of sequenced notes from the M569 and a set of Moog Taurus II's hitting the low notes.

Redshift - Halo example clip

From the "Faultline" DVD, my brief example of Redshift's - "Halo".

Initial Test of the Mos-Lab 901's

One of the very first tests of the Mos-Lab 901 Oscillator Banks..

Old Synthesizers.com 960 Seq Fun

From the way back time machine, this is from around 2007, my old Synthesizers.com modular system, it was still a fun little sequence I had running.


A short little story about who I am. My name is Mark W. Roberts, and I was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota and lived there until 1993 before moving to Arizona full time. I had a very normal childhood, I went to public school, played ice hockey and had a pretty good bunch of friends. I have a brother, Michael who is 3 years younger than me. I started playing the piano at age 5 and the guitar around age 7 when I received an acoustic guitar for Christmas in 1970. Wow, that seems so long ago, but as you can see, music has played a very large role in my life as I have grown older.


Today I have my own personal small studio, while I am not a commercial studio, I do have a few nice "toys" to say the least. My most joyful and prized piece of gear is the large Moon Modular Analogue Synthesizer. But I also have a vintage Waldorf Q - Phoenix Edition synth, and a brand new Dave Smith Instruments - Prophet-12 Keyboard, thanks to some excellent recommendations from my friends Mel Wesson, Robert Rich and Tony Karavidas. Thanks again gents... your wisdom is invaluable! I also have a fully restored vintage Korg Wavestation 1 with new key-switches and a new "blue" LCD Display.

I currently run Logic Pro X 10.3 as my main DAW but I also use Steinberg's Cubase Pro 9.5 and when necessary Avid's ProTools. My main DAW computing power comes from an 8-core 2013 Apple Mac Pro, and it is directly connected to my Universal Audio Apollo-16 Quad audio interface via thunderbolt 2. I also use my MacBook Pro to run Arturia's V-Collection of vintage synthesizers, as well as many other new virtual synthesizers that have come out on the market. I also use an iPad Pro running Metagrid for iOS which is a great convenience for many shortcuts in all of my DAW's. This website has been built entirely in Coda 2 by Panic software with the great help from my long time friend and brilliant web designer Eric Asleson. Check out his web site at Tension Design the guy is really quite good at what he does, and a damn good friend.

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